Welcome to the Parsonage House. My vision for this quaint little home is for it to be a place to host friends, family and strangers in what I hope will be a relaxing and enjoyable dining experience. I’ve worked in restaurants all my life and the last thing I want is the hustle and bustle of that lifestyle. I just want my need to entertain and cook for people to be satisfied on a small scale

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Seating is limited to 24 seats and there will only be one sitting per night. The reservation only dining will be offered on Friday evenings and seating will start at 5:00pm. Occasionally I will open on a weekend to accommodate holidays and special occasions. I will post my days of operation and the menus to be offered a month in advance so that you can plan ahead. Reservations can be made by calling 446-7721 and asking for Lori. Menu choices are requested to be made at the time of your reservation so that I can plan accordingly.

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I will be offering new menu options every week and they will include a beef, chicken, and seafood choice. Although there will be a seafood entrée offered weekly, I can also accommodate strict vegetarians and vegans. I also can accommodate special dietary needs if I know in advance. All dinners will have a choice of two sides and a dessert which will include lemon water and coffee or tea. No alcohol is available to be served at this time.

The Parsonage dining room is available for private dining needs on non-operating days. Just give me a call and we can discuss your special occasion. I will be open one night a week. Either Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Please look at the menu page for more information or give me a call.